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Fast Braces with 6 Month Cosmetic Braces in Gaithersburg

Oftentimes, many adults have mild to moderate concerns about the aesthetics of their teeth, and by far the most effective and natural solution for improving these imperfections is braces. However, many adults are hesitant to receive metal braces let alone undergo the amount of time it takes to achieve straighter teeth. Our fast brace option is an answer to adults who desire straighter teeth without long treatment durations or unattractive metal brackets, and at Smiles by Roxana Orthodontics, we provide quick and effective treatment options in our Gaithersburg orthodontics office.


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What is 6 Month Cosmetic Braces?

Our cosmetic brace option provides a modern and short-term alternative to metal braces for adults. The treatment regimen involves clear or Lucid-Lok® brackets that blend easily with the dentition as well as tooth-colored wires that make the braces virtually invisible to the eye. Essentially, cosmetic braces take the tried-and-true methodology of traditional braces and add a cosmetically appealing enhancement to their functionality. 

Does Treatment Really Last Six Months?

Due to the fact that 6 Month Cosmetic Braces is used generally for cosmetic or mild to moderate improvements, the system should take no longer than six months to produce the desired effects, and because 6 Month Cosmetic Braces provides the same conservative approach as metal braces, results are easily monitored and predictable. Patients who are experiencing more severe alignment issues may be better suited for other, longer-lasting orthodontic options.

Six Month Smiles can be used to treat:

  • Overbites
  • Crowding
  • Spacial issues
  • Cross-bites
  • High canine teeth
  • And more

An orthodontic appointment will be able to determine which straightening method is best for your dentition, and our staff will work with you to find the treatment that most aligns with your time frame, budget, and cosmetic or medical goals.

Are You a Candidate for 6 Month Cosmetic Braces?

Because there are so many orthodontic options available for various alignment issues, the only way to determine whether 6 Month Cosmetic Braces is right for you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Roxana Homayoun. She will take x-rays, impressions and perform a dental examination that shows whether your alignment issues are suitable for treatment with 6 Month Cosmetic Braces. If this fast brace option is right for you, your impressions will be sent to the processing facility that customizes your brackets and bonding trays for your specific alignment issues. Once our Gaithersburg orthodontist receives your personal straightening kit, she will place the brackets on your teeth.

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For more information about 6 Month Cosmetic Braces or to find out whether the treatment is right for you, contact Smiles by Dr. Roxana Orthodontics today and schedule a consultation in our Gaithersburg dental office!


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5.0 star rating 12/16/2016
My s.o was looking for a new orthodontist for his son after running into difficulties with his last one. Many orthodontists are hesitant to take over from another practitioner, but Dr. Roxana was not only willing and able, but incredibly accommodating with scheduling and financing. We could not have been happier for our son. Things have been going so well that my s.o. wound up getting braces himself as well from her! Thank you for taking care of my family's smiles so well!

Magdalena B.

Follow Magdalena B.
4.0 star rating 6/24/2016
First to Review
Love the technician Connie. She is so great and amazing at her job. Scheduling wise it leaves a lot to be desired I have been rescheduled more than 3 times because they could not see me and last minute calls as well. It delayed me by 2 weeks at one point which was infuriating. Connie makes it worth it.


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